Francesca C. Ghisetti 

Structural Geology Consulting for Exploration
I am a field-oriented  structural geologist with many years of experience in orogenic belts, sedimentary basins in compressional, extensional and strike-slip settings, and actively deforming regions.

My research has covered areas of New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Greece, and California.

Since 2010 I have also been involved in research on the structural setting of the Canterbury earthquake sequence.

I have developed my career and expertise in the academic environment, but I am now committed on research and consulting only.

TERRAGEOLOGICA is based in Ruby Bay (Nelson region) and provides consulting in structural geology, regional geology, field mapping and subsurface interpretation for hydrocarbon and mining exploration and for seismotectonic hazard assessment. 

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Research expertise and Consulting
Publications on New Zealand Seismotectonics and the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence
Contact Details
Name: Francesca C. Ghisetti
Email: francesca.ghisetti@terrageologica.com
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